"Under Brent Wilson's direction, this inaugural production from Star Pocket Theatre features cofounder Mackie Raymond's bedrock performance as Frankie... as Frankie's obsession with the departed couple grows, she frets over the impression she made, her appearance, and her future. We watch a precocious, creative queer girl starving for familial affection and intimacy, friends who recognize and value her, and artistic stimulation."

–Byron Woods, IndyWeek

"Star Pocket managing director and co-founder Mackie Raymond tackles the role [of Frankie] with passion, pluck, and complete lack of self-consciousness. Her 12-year-old Frankie is uncomfortable in her clothes and her skin, constantly fidgeting and squirming at the kitchen table as she shouts her pledge to flee her hometown and play honeymoon tagalong with her brother and his soon-to-be bride. ... Frankie is a psychologically complex character, something that Raymond knows and tackles perfectly. ... The three-act play is far from tedious, mostly thanks to Raymond’s consistently surprising interpretation."

–Dustin K. Britt, Chatham Life & Style


“Little Shop follows the meek and awkward Seymour, who works at a struggling florist shop on Skid Row with his secret crush Audrey (an amazing Mackie Raymond). ... Audrey (the woman, not the plant) has always been synonymous with Ellen Greene, who created the character both in the original Off-Broadway production as well as the film adaptation in 1986. With Ms. Greene's iconic voice and characterization looming large, it might be easy to fall into the imitation game, but Mackie Raymond strikes a brilliant balance here, paying just enough homage to the Greene while finding fresh notes to contribute.”

–Garrett Southerland, Talkin’ Broadway

Mackie Raymond is an honest Audrey, painting her as a survivor rather than a victim--standing her ground rather than cowering in the corner. She earns big laughs in ‘Somewhere That’s Green’ simply because she delivers the song with such sincerity.”

– Dustin K. Britt, Chatham Life & Style



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"One of the funniest scenes is the simultaneous arrival of the effervescent (but apparently clueless) Richard Greatham (Jonathan King) and the mousy Jackie Coryton (Mackie Raymond). King and Raymond play off each other beautifully. Raymond, in particular, provoked peal after peal of laughter in this scene and others."

-Pamela Vesper and Kurt Benrud, Triangle Arts & Entertainment

"Actor Mackie Raymond impresses, in Laura P. Cormier's witty costumes and makeup, as a flapper girl terrified by the sturm und drang about her."

–Byron Woods, IndyWeek